What is a combined curriculum?
Rathinam International Public School has a curriculum that is fully customized to meet the individual needs, interests, and learning style of the student.
Advantages of combined curriculum
  • RIPS combined curriculum has the following scopes, which gives
  • kid a greater and lovable learning atmosphere.
  • Demos, discussions and assignments
  • Academics with skill development
  • Priority to comm skills
  • Projects in each sub linked to real life
What is our teaching methodology?
  • Our Teaching Methodology is focused on discussions, debates, pep talks, seminars, projects, high-quality self study, usage of mind maps etc.
  • The motto our our methodology is to replace, Books with
  • Experiments, Exams with Enquires, Homeworks with Discussions.
About RIPS Co-Curricular Activities
  • RIPS has designed numerous co – curricular activities that is
  • mandatory for the ripscions. Logistical, analytical and creative
  • thinking is equally important for every child. Student days at RIPS
  • will be more enjoyable and complete with.
Fine Arts

 Key board, Guitar, Violin, Classical Dance, Western Dance, Drawing, Painting, Vocal Music



 Badminton, Basket ball, Foot ball, Cricket, Table tennis, Carroms, Chess, Swimming, Martial arts etc.,

House wise competitions
External Competitions
Participation in different programmes organized at school on special occassions and celebration of all important days.
About RIPS Academic Partnerships
  • RIPS has made agreements with leading organizations to bring world class
  • expertise to our children. It includes:
  • Teach Next (Smart class room)
  • STEM Solutions for Robotics Training.
  • Helen O’ Grady for English Communication skills,drama, and language development programs.
Each child is unique and is treated differently.  One method of guiding and disciplining may work for one child, but not for another. When your child socializes with other children in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment it will aid in enhancing:
  • Social skills
  • Physical development
  • Emotional development
  • Creativity
  • Cognitive development
Each child is special and unique; special in their own way and that they grow and develop through universal stages at their own pace.
Our students do not experience the tedium and frustration of typical readiness program. We encourage the students to discover the joy and fulfillment that comes through the creative process. Our role is to safeguard the children in the present and to prepare them for the future.  In doing this we provide positive modelling and guidance and we respect and acknowledge each others feelings.
Guidance and Discipline philosophy
We believe that children should be treated with respect and that the child’s self image is the most important part of the learning process. Children need to perceive themselves as worthwhile, capable and significant, and therefore their experiences should be positive and reinforcing. By allowing such experiences to occur they will develop self-confidence and a high self-esteem. It is also important that we as caregivers communicate acceptance and allow a child to develop a sense of belonging.
Children must be allowed to make mistakes. This is all part of the learning process. As a caregiver it is our responsibility to listen and acknowledge the children’s feelings and frustrations and to offer calm positive guidance when situations arise. Developmentally appropriate expectations and limits are set. One must remember to be firm, to be kind; but to look at what the “real” problem is. Under no circumstance do we physically or emotionally abuse a child.
The Rathinam International Public School is committed to cultivating curiosity, excellence, and creativity.
Our students learn how to take risks, fail, persist, and succeed. The average class size is 20, and the learning environment is interactive and inclusive. In every class, students share their opinions. They speak up. They learn from their teachers — and from one another.
Our academic program offers a breadth and depth of study most students will not experience until college. Guided by thoughtful, engaged instructors, Ripscions push themselves intellectually and form deep bonds with their classmates — whether they’re discussing environmental issues, examining global trends, or analyzing literature.
Ripscions develop clarity of thought, confidence, and facility in expressing ideas, artistic and aesthetic sensitivity. Our graduates leave RIPS with a commitment to public service and environmental stewardship, informed by a greater understanding of themselves and their role in a global society.
Our main focus is to develop adequate muscular coordination and basic motor skills to develop good health habits, to help the child understand, accept and control feelings and emotions to motivate group participation by providing opportunities to think and create. Children are allowed to explore and discover freely and express their interest and fascination to their new discover.
Our multi-dimensional approach enhances optimal child development and helps our children grow as intellectual, confidence and healthy individuals. Our creative curriculum and specialized method of teaching contributes the child with Cognitive and emotional development, communication , knowledge and understanding interactive classrooms.
A bridging course for Junior kg’s and Senior Kg’s., to develop the LSRW Skill in English. Which helps them to face the society , initiates a life long learning.
Children plan their activities, takes responsibilities, solve their problems, reading , manipulates ideas etc.,
Grade 1 to 10
We emphasize on reading , writing and arithmetic skills. Exploration and discovery is the method of our teachers to help students learn conceptually. Students are given ample opportunity to work together, discuss possible solutions and speculate about theories. They are encouraged to look at many possible ways to solve a problem. The outcome is more learning, new ideas and curiosity satisfaction.

Children learn about the values of learning at this age of self discovery. The students work along in small and large groups to address the differing needs of students and explore the facts. They are given opportunities to understand, experiment in broader dimension to apply their knowledge to solve problems.
The institutional life of young people is interesting and successful only if there is purpose and integrity associated with education. This can happen when students are considered as resources. At RIPS channelizing of student resources happens by emphasizing on twin objectives.
Strong academic foundation:
Language skills Environmental study Numeric Talent
Strong social foundation:
Responsive class rooms – Manners, discipline, ethics and culture Cohesive Group – More effective in enhancing individual performance and group productivity Leaders of tomorrow – Evolving children into culturally civilized and compassionate human beings
Our Teaching Methodology:
Children are naturally curious. They love to explore experiment, discover, touch and ask questions. What we do is teach them in a manner that hooks into this natural desire to learn and use methods that encourage, rather than dampen children’s enthusiasm.
Learning styles research tells us that children learn in many ways. Visual learners watch closely and like to draw and play with shapes and puzzles. Auditory learners understand ideas and concepts because they remember information they have heard, follow spoken directions well and remember songs easily.
Although all children learn through touch, some learn especially well through touch and movement (tactile/kinetic learners). Some children like structure and some learn more easily in an unstructured environment. We are aware of learning differences and offer a variety of activities and experiences.

Admissions Open Now

For Toddler Zone(Play Group), Pre KG to Grade-10

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